“As a Mother, Podiatrist and keen barefooter, it’s important that my children are barefoot as often as practical and possible.

NattyMat is great to fit in your gym bag, swim bag or camping stuff.  It takes up very little room and is a safe way to keep your feet free from nasties!

I have been using the NattyMat for my girls (Annie 7 & Kitty 4) swimming lessons.

It lives in our swim bag and we use it to stand on whilst drying off-the water does not soak through from underneath and it’s a nice soft surface from the cold ground.

We then pop all our wet gear in the NattyMat afterwards, keeping it separate from the dry clothing in our bags.

I would highly recommend NattyMat, it’s been a great addition to our household.”



Tracy_Burne_Holistic_Health  image006

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