Essential swimming equipment


Essential swimming equipment
Essential swimming equipment

Armbands, floatpacks, noodles etc are all designed to promote safety in the pool. I bet more people injure themselves on wet changing room floors than in the pool though.

The kind chaps at NattyMat sent us a couple of their mats to try out as they knew that we are keen baby and toddler swimmers. It’s always nice when you get sent something because of your interests!

I was a bit bemused about what it actually was when we were introduced to the product but having used one, I am a bit surprised that they aren’t more common. There’s nothing worse than trying to keep a giddy toddler upright on a wet changing room floor whilst you change yourself and this is a perfect solution.

NattyMat  has two sides – a waterproof side that you can put down on the changing room floor and a soft side that is made from a microfibre and bamboo blend. You can’t feel the bamboo, it should be noted – it feels a bit like standing on a slightly padded flannel.

The advantage of having your own little mat with you is pretty obvious :

  • no standing on grubby, verruca-harbouring changing room floors
  • your child cannot fall over (and nor can you!)
  • it’s much softer on your feet

Bamboo has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties but most importantly it is absorbent, that means that when you drip onto the mat, it doesn’t get sodden through.

Now, I am not one to wax lyrical, but having spent many hours standing on horrible changing room floors, I ccaw-logo1an assure you that standing on my NattyMat was infinitely preferable.

But the best bit
about the NattyMat is that once you are done, you simply drop your wet stuff onto the waterproof side of the mat and zip it up! Voila! A handbag sized parcel of all your wet stuff that won’t get everything around it wet. Quite simply, it’s a great idea.

Andy runs Children are welcome – a great blog for parents with toddlers

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